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Naraina gets water health center

Nov-26th, 2016

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Meet the Altruist working to provide Safe Drinking Water in India

Apr-13th, 2016

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Tata Trusts ties up with Jaldhaara Foundation on water mission

Mar-23rd, 2016

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Tata Trusts and Jaldhaara Foundation mark world water day with the launch of their first WaterHealth Centre in Bengaluru

Mar-22nd, 2016

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Clean Drinking Water Can Save Lives” Through ‘Water Education’

Jan-17th, 2014

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WaterHealth India launches Jaldhaara Foundation

Jan-7th, 2014

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Jaldhaara Foundation launched at Hyderabad

Jan-4th, 2014

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To promote safe water consumption and transform hygiene practices in underserved communities

Jan-3rd, 2014

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Jaldhaara spearheads carefully customized community awareness and education programs