Safe Water Solutions

Lack of access to safe drinking water is the world’s most urgent crisis. Billions are spent on safe water solutions, but more than half of all projects fail within a few years. A quarter of the world’s population is still in need. Take a moment to comprehend this every day.

  • Jaldhaara Foundation aims to provide access to clean water by purifying any source of water to WHO standards. We believe that all communities deserve access to the same or comparable quality of drinking water, sustainably supplied for life.
  • We envision a world with healthy, thriving communities, each managing its own supply of safe water. Our aim is to provide affordable, economically viable drinking water access to millions in need.
  • We want to ensure that our projects are sustainable long-term and result in quantifiable positive impact on community health and livelihood.
  • We enter into sustainable technical partnerships and implement projects to bring safe water access to communities across the globe.
  • We take full responsibility of maintenance of our implemented installations.