Message From President

‘Quenching a Bigger Thirst for an Empowered Tomorrow’

In the endeavor to water down the crisis for clean and safe drinking water to our underserved and thirsty communities, sustainable action, clarity and focus, transitioning from unclean to clean waters, and improving hygiene and sanitation are crucial to strategy and support for visionary leaders and growing organizations.  Believing in equality for fundamental rights, to scale and enrich people’s lives is a primary goal.

I will leave ‘profit’ out of the picture for a more profound commitment first. It is to help accomplish goals and primary fulfillments for the underserved, underprivileged, and thirsty people drinking from colored waters. It is the Jaldhaara Foundation’s mission. In both our deep rural areas and sick urban slums, these waters take the unknown lives of millions because of the lack of help in sustaining the futures of our ignored populations.

The above is only a reminder, for it has been repeated many a time in different ways to remind us and gain our and our Donor’s attention. The attention to the world’s 6th most important SDG is failing largely.  Jaldhaara Foundation aims at benchmarks and set defined goals that are not being met at the necessary speed required, and this is where I bring in ‘Profit.’  The third element of the three P’s support people and the planet. We at Jaldhaara prioritize health with clean and safe drinking water, and the sustainability of that health is the ‘profit’.

It takes financial involvement, no doubt, to expedite systems and processes to deliver filtered waters, but investing in the growth and healthy thirst of our people is the planet’s and Jaldhaara Foundation’s most significant ROI (return on our successes/investment).

In leading the mission of Jaldhaara Foundation, I plea to all the givers to give a glass of clean water to every underserved ‘Being.’ Jaldhaara Foundation will help you serve millions beyond your reach. Still, we cannot do it without your help, so come forward every day and take your next bold step to the following three ‘P’s that protect, persevere, and preserve for all. Small steps are exemplary but make it more forceful.

My qualifications are irrelevant at this time. The two most needed, compassion and drive, I have, and that has no ‘seema ‘! Let serving the people have no boundaries either.

To an empowered tomorrow is our goal today!

Seema Azharuddin