Decentralized Community Water Systems

Projects for setting up Decentralized Community Water Systems (DCWS)

  1. Monsanto India – Jaldhaara Foundation.
    Jaldhaaara has partnered with Monsanto India limited to provide access to safe and clean drinking water to the underserved communities of Telangana. We are setting up WaterHealth Centres (WHC) at Huzurabad, Miryalguda, Mavla, Shamshabad and Shadnagar districts of Telangana state.

    Projects running under this partnership adhere to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

  2. Global Water Challenge ( GWC) – Jaldhaara Foundation
    Jaldhaara Foundation has received a Grant from Global Water Challenge (GWC) to reduce the occurrence of water-borne diseases amongst the identified communities by provisioning safe drinking water and creating awareness on WASH for complete behavioral change among the schools and communities. The basic objectives of this partnership are:
  • Provision safe drinking water in target Communities.
  • Increase adoption of safe water consumption.
  • Create awareness on the benefits of safe drinking water and good hygiene practices.
  • Bring about a culture of judicious water use within the communities

    Projects under this partnership adhered to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

    a) Community Water System at Janwada:
    Jaldhaara Foundation has set up a WaterHealth Centre (WHC) at Janwada village in Shankarpalli Mandal, Ranga Reddy District of Telangana State. This WHC provides safe drinking water to Janwada village with a population of 6321, out of which 3241 are males and 3080 are females as per the 2011 census.

    b) Community Water System at Govindarajanagar:
    This plant has been set up at Govindarajanagar, Bengaluru. Govindarajanagar is a slum in Bengaluru city, and the WaterHealth Centre (WHC) in this region caters to a population of around 27,000 inside and more than a lakh in and around.

3. Tata Trust – Jaldhaara foundation
Jaldhaara Foundation partnered with Tata Trust under the Tata Water Mission to provide safe drinking water to approximately 3.3 million underserved people in Northern Karnataka and Urban Bengaluru.Our plan is to work together to improve economic productivity of the community members through the provision of income generation opportunity for 200-250 persons and improvement in the health of the community members using purified water by building WaterHealth Centres. About 65 WaterHealth Centres in Northern Karnataka and Urban Bengaluru are planned. Currently, Jaldhaara has successfully launched twenty-five sites in Northern Karnataka and fifteen in Urban Bengaluru locations.